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"...Lucia really knows and understands the human body, and she cares about getting you to where you need to be, takes time to address your needs and administers treatments in a positive and encouraging environment." 
-Bertin, M., 2102, 2013 US and Canadian Masters Squash Champion,
2013 World Masters Games Squash Champion.

" I absolutely love Lucia. She identified and helped me manage a situation that the medical community could not.  Her nature is caring, her ability to zone in on the underlying issue is post on, and her integrity completes the package, not to mention that infectious laugh.  I highly recommend Lucia to anyone looking for manual therapy services."

-Dale, C.

"Lucia is a knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy therapist.  She is thorough in her technique but patient with amazing follow through.  Lucia is dedicated to each and every one of her patients.  She begins every session with an assessment and deals with every aspect of your issue, offering relief not just band aid solutions.  She really listens and cares about her patients.  She remembers the history of each of her patients without having to look at notes.  She is honest and earns your trust and respect.  I know that Lucia is working towards permanent relief for her patients, showing them exercises etc. that they can do at home to help with their therapy.  She is always looking for new techniques to help with your personal issues.  I would and have recommended Lucia to friends and colleagues.  I can honestly say that Lucia is the one and only therapist that I trust, so much so that I brought my son to see her with amazing results."

Lucia is the best!!!!

- Maiurro, H.


"Lucia is a great therapist.  I went to Lucia when I hurt my foot.  She worked on my feet, both of them not just the one that hurt.  She also showed me exercises and stretches that I could do at home to help my foot get better.  Lucia explained everything that she did and why she did it.  She had a skeleton in her office and showed me that everything is connected.  She did that so that I would understand why she was doing the things she did during our session.  Her explanations also helped me understand what the exercises at home were doing.  I was not scared to go and see Lucia because my mom really trusts Lucia and that makes me feel really good.  Lucia made me feel very comfortable which made my foot feel better.  I would never go to another therapist she is the great."


-Maiurro, V.

"I have being suffering of degenerated disk in my lower back for years. Five years ago my doctor sent me to a back specialist to receive what they call platelet injections, and six cortisone injections in my back located at my L4, L5 and L6 vertebrae level. I did it three times in two years.The pain of the injection was bad enough for me that I did not want to go back anymore. Talking with people I learned about osteopathy, I had nothing to lose,  since the pain was so bad. To my big surprise, OMG, Lucia Orsini with her magic touch and her extreme knowledge just gave me back my "back".  I recommend Lucia to all my friends and family and especially to my daughter, who is pregnant. She loves her. I saw her every week until I was feeling good enough to space my visit to once a month and I can't live without her. She just makes me feel good!!!"

Happy client,

-Lafortune, C.

"I began seeing Lucia shortly after my first pregnancy.  I found her treatment style and easy nature a wonderful combination.  At first I was unsure of how osteopathy would work for my headaches and in the process of helping my body heal from the pregnancy, but it was quickly apparent that the treatments made me feel significantly better and they lasted longer than the effects of a standard massage or other treatments I had tried.  Since that time she has seen me through another pregnancy, and all the physical complications that came with it, and helping me through the post-natal period.  Lucia has helped me through one of the most physically demanding periods of my life and has made a great difference in my quality of life during this time."

-Covi, M.